Outsource the complete role of a competent & skilled

to take care of your business.

We understand it is not always easy for the principals of an enterprise from another country to be full time present here in the UAE.

We undertake the job end-to-end, from designing and devising of processes, SOP’s, KPIs and other checks & balances to running your routine business, managing staff, representing your business and ensuring that the business stays in course, delivering on set objectives

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Strategic Planning

Crafting the operating business model

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Resource Planning

Champion the entire resource mapping

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Find, align, overlook & optimize infra-base

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Regulatory Compliance

Ensure 100% compliance across

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Team Management

Administer & manage the boots-on-ground

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Single point of communication to all

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Customer Focus

Meet top clients and be the face of the firm

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KPI Dashboards

Propel set KPIs to drive & deliver results

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Market Intelligence

Maintain market networks for feedback


Trust the process &
grow your business

Driving the Business Strategy

We will take over the strategy from you and undertake to oversee the operation for and on behalf of you. We will screen, shortlist and hire personnel with you in the panel for executing the strategy, develop KPIs to monitor and manage them on a periodic routine to keep them aligned to the goals.

Resource Funnel Management

We will undertake to design your resources funnel based on your market strategy and the approach on route to market. We will then work with you on a faced-out plan to scale-up as you grow, so your overheads structure remains agile and affordable.

Regulatory Compliance

We will ensure that all processes are followed in compliance to the evolving legal framework of the UAE, by staying abreast and staying well-updated, so that you don’t have to. We will schedule and automate matters to the best degree possible and assist you run a business that is well insulated from any breach of legal codes.

Be on-top of the situation, while back in your home country, whilst we take care of things here in the UAE

We will be behind every step of the way, so that you will navigate and tread with care, in this foreign market.