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    1]. Which answer below best described your line of business? *

    2]. Which category best describes your intended business activity? *

    3]. Have you compiled a business viability study and a report with projected financials? *

    This is not only required by the banks when you need to open bank accounts, this will ensure you invest your money in the right manner, in the right vertical. If you do not have this done, we are here to undertake this area, as we specialize in same.

    4]. How many shareholders do you plan to include in this business? *

    5]. How many residence visas do you plan to take in this business? *

    6]. What is the model of your place of business? *

    7]. What is the preferred jurisdiction to set up the business? *

    8]. What is the preferred Emirate to set up the business? *

    9]. What is the projected revenue for the 1st year of business? *

    10]. How ready are you to start the business? *

    Again: we ask this as this is our expert area and would be glad to assist you on these verticals.

    11]. Are you currently in the UAE? *

    12]. We want to offer the best price to you. Do you have a quote from another party?

    If you have got a quote for the same requirement, please attach same so we try to offer you lowest price, after checking with the authorities (subject to possibility)