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Dubai Product Registration

Federal Law No. 10 of 2015 on Food Safety, which imposes standards and regulations for maintaining the safety and quality of food and ensuring the protection of public health and consumers was first passed in Jan 2016. Misleading consumers by publishing a false description of food or using incorrect labels will attract a fine ranging from AED 10,000 to 100,000.


All types of topical


All types of detergent

Food & Pet Food

All types of human and
animal food


All types of tfood

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Digital mock-up

or a close-up shot of the product as illustrated here

Label Artwork

in PDF format developed in accordance to the stipulated guidelines with Arabic translation of mandatory information

List of Ingredients

including any additives with distribution ratios and complete composition per serving

EAN-13 Barcodes

European Article Number or EAN barcode for each product and the Government of the UAE will identify the product from this unique code only

Product Registration Pricing

AED 450
Basic Plan / per SKU
  • Doc review
  • Preparation & filing
  • Address DMC remarks
  • Amend and resubmit
  • Assistance in Lab Testing
  • Follow-up till closure
AED 1,050
Professional / per SKU
  • Doc review
  • Preparation & filing
  • Address DMC remarks
  • Amend and resubmit
  • Assistance in Lab Testing
  • Follow-up till closure
  • Designing label with translation
  • EAN-13 Barcode
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A clear digitally developed mock up of the product, or close, portrait shot of the product in all angles, sides, top and bottom if applicable.

Label Artwork

Label artwork in PDF format, with mandatory fields translated to arabic and placed side by side with the corresponding English text.


Complete list of ingredients including any additives with distribution ratios per serving size.

Halal Certificate

To be presented as applicable,
from an accredited body,
accepted by the Government of
the UAE.

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Other Certifications

Organic, Non-GMO and any
other certificates as may be
claimed in packaging, and/or as
stipulated by the Government of
the UAE.

EAN-13 Bar Code

Unique bar code generated and
granted under the EAN-13
framework, which must always
remain consistent with the

Frequently Asked Questions

Should every pack size of the same product carry separate approvals?

Yes, approval is granted and identified by bar code, hence for every bar code, a separate
approval is required.

For how long is the approval valid?

Once granted, the approval is valid for a period of 5 years.

What is the unique identification for a product?

The unique key by which the Dubai Municipalty will identify the product is its EAN013
barcode, hence the barcode is mandatory for each SKU of the product.

Where does this get checked?

At theCustoms and Dubai Municipality’s random checks on-ground.

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Product Registrations

We undertake the complete work-cycle including development of labels to fit not only to the regulator but also to the market and the consumer.

Talk to us for further assistance.