Guide to setting up a company anywhere in the UAE

Free Zone Companies:

The United Arab Emirates has emerged as a global business hub, offering a strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and a highly conducive business environment. One of the key features that attract entrepreneurs and investors is the establishment of companies within designated Free Zones. These zones provide unique advantages that can significantly enhance business prospects. There are over 20+ different Free Zones in the UAE, each specializing in a economic veritcal where companies enjoy various incentives, exemptions and access benefits. These zones are designed to attract foreign investment, stimulate economic diversification, and foster innovation.

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Mainland Companies:

A mainland license in the UAE provides unrestricted access to the retail sales to local market, allowing you to trade directly with UAE consumers. Additionally, a mainland setup enables you to bid for government contracts, fostering lucrative opportunities for expansion. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing from various legal structures, ensuring your business aligns perfectly with your goals. Our seasoned professionals guide you through a comprehensive process: from selecting a unique trade name and crafting a notarized Memorandum of Association to navigating local sponsorship requirements and obtaining the coveted commercial license from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Offshore Companies:

An offshore company provides various advantages, both financial and legal. We offer comprehensive support for all facets of establishing an offshore business in the UAE, encompassing administrative tasks and necessary paperwork. To ensure optimal outcomes for our clients, we extend ongoing corporate services, ensuring adherence to local regulations post-initial setup. Efficiently safeguarding assets and managing wealth also involves selecting the appropriate bank account. Upon the formation of your offshore company, our team can assist in the establishment of an offshore company bank account in key locations, including the UAE, Mauritius, The Isle of Man, and Switzerland.

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